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evil_regal's Journal

Regina Mills [The Evil Queen]
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Name: Regina Mills ♛ The Evil Queen
Age: Older than you think
Physical Appearance: Dark brown hair, brown eyes. When she's in mayor mode her hair is shorter; about chin length. When she's being evil regal, it's long and usually in some sort of up-do.
Brief Bio: Regina married Snow White's father, though he was not the man she ever loved. Bent on revenge against Snow for indirectly causing the death of her true love, Regina send a curse over the land, sending every inhabitant to the human world without the memories of who they really are. Regina adopts a boy named Henry when he's three weeks old and becomes mayor to the city of Storybrook, where the likes of Snow White, Prince Charming, and Rumpelstiltskin reside. Everything is going her way until Snow and Charming's daughter, Emma, now 28 years old and Henry's biological mother comes to town. The curse slowly but surely starts to lift.
Hearts & Minds: Regina comes to the village just after Katherine is found alive and it's obvious that Mary Margaret did not, in fact, kill her.
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with ABC or Lana Parrilla in any way. This journal is for role play purposes only.